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DECEMBER 17, 2001

I am ABRAHAM. How easy is our communication when all minds are in such a giving state. Your intention and energy brings you these words. Your willingness to learn and also minister to your fellows is truly touching. I am inspired to become more when I am with you. I am in gratitude to your allowance.

I remember in my mortal state striving for what I believed to be perfection. To be less than what I perceived to be perfect was unacceptable. I gave a great deal of energy towards disguising my imperfect ways. My self-punishment was worse than what I really deserved. I was loath to appear foolish to my fellows. I had a great deal of tricks to rationalize my imperfections. Believe me, this took so much more energy than to simply admit I had made mistakes.

In being fully present within this mortal life we do tend to look over our shoulders quite often. Unfortunately we seem to really care about how people perceive us. Those that appear to make the least mistakes seem to be the most popular. It is difficult to imagine that at this point in time we would not all believe that everyone of us is fallible. We do strive for perfection, but to fall short of that is more discouraging to the ego than to the growing spirit within.

To batter the self is creating more of a landslide of struggle, it is losing self-confidence and not feeling at home in the world. To chastise the ego however is somewhat helpful when done in humor, but to beat on the essence of who you really are is spiritually stifling. From the time you were children you could easily see that being with flaws somehow took love away from you. As children that is the last thing you want to lose.

The absence of love is terrible loneliness and the sense of being lost. Children do learn how to adapt however and cover over those mistakes, those wrong choices. Experiencing the outcome of wrong choices is the best teacher, but more often than not was there a respected adult with a shameful chastisement.

In rerouting the mind set of this planet towards Light and Life we are hoping to teach you that mistakes are inevitable. You were not born with all the knowledge you need, no. A child grows best if allowed room to understand their mistakes, to be allowed to correct them without feelings of shame. Of course, a loving guide is helpful in pointing out the correct way instead of focusing on what was so wrong.

Mortals grow best in a state of non-pressure--guidance, yes, pressure, no. What kind and loving divine guidance do we have? There is no projection of guilt thrust upon us, no, only a subtle glance of the mistake and an allowance for understanding, room to grow, room to correct and make the right decision. Our divine Caretakers are not pressured by time. They do not impose time limits on us.

Why would we be so brutal with our mortal selves? Can we allow ourselves the same room to gain understanding and grow? How better might we direct our energy rather than using it to cover our imperfections? Are those we seek to hide our imperfections from perfect? Do we allow others to make mistakes? Do we allow them room to grow or do we serve by chastising them for their mistakes?

I understand that some individuals seem to be unreachable and a shocking word now and then seems to bring about some conscience, but if you can take yourself back to that small child who feared loss of love because of misdeeds, you can see what type of action would serve best. As mortals you are all in a state of becoming. You are not there yet, but in wanting to be shown you are every day moving into your highest potentials. You cannot force growth. You can make the struggle of mortal life much more worse or you can realize you are dealing with much more than ego. There is also that growing soul, personality essence and that Father-fragment within.

The Master was a beautifully integrated being. He was so aligned with the Father's will that His mistakes were really quite few. He acted from a place of self-forgetfulness. He worried not about others opinions of Him. He sought to please only one, His Father in Heaven. That is everything, children. That is the beginning to perfection. That is taking off the pressure to allow room for understanding and growth.

This week I would request that you read morontia mota in your books. Yes. I have not time for questions, perhaps next week. Know that I am available should you need me in your journaling time. Listen for me. Know that I am with ever expanding love for you each. Until next week, shalom