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NOVEMBER 26, 2001

I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I am inspired by the energy here this evening. If all you ever learn here in this life in the flesh is that everything is in a constant state of evolution will most certainly carry you through to the next life.

 All living things are constantly changing and moving toward some goal, some destination. Those with personal willed goals may miss a more grand adventure. There are those of you who will assist others because of your experiences in living. Adversity is a terrific trainer, providing that you reap the value therefrom and help others who are experiencing what you have already been through.

We have been discussing the growth of the Supreme Being and the benefits we have received from that. We are finding that mindal expansion to be a bit overburdening or creating some chaos. With those events that are seemingly out of control many will turn to higher power. As mortals we all crave the same things, comfort in mind, body and spirit. We have all learned how to do that materially, but finding that spiritually is another story.

 These new enhancements from the Supreme are creating more of a reality in the spiritual life. With this there is some upheaval in deeply rooted belief systems. There has to be room for new incoming information. I realize the tendency to become discomforted by this uprooting, but it is brought out for you to see. You may find what you valued before is now changing. Although it seems fearful being in the unknown, it is also opportunity to realign with this new reality in the spiritual life. You may hold various habit patterns that are not in spiritual alignment and these will be brought to the surface for you and Father to evaluate.

With the Rebellion Default and misconceptions that spiritual organizations have taught, there is a tremendous amount of correction to be done. The spiritual guardians of Urantia are striving to steer the planet towards Light and Life. Without cognizance of this correction needed old habit patterns will keep repeating. This is why we must bring all darkness out into the light.


I am your BROTHER\FATHER, keeper of truth, bringer of light. I sweep my hand across the world to relieve you of this veil. I am with you as a brother and helpmate. I do not seek to brutally shake you from the darkness, but gently call you to partake of all that is true, beautiful and good.

Our Father does not seek to drop you to your humble knees--not at all, no. He is a Director to you, children, ever drawing you to Him. I am your Purifier, your parting of the clouds, your Councilor in confusion, your Teacher of truth. We are side-by-side working for good. The mortal life is not a cruel puzzle to figure out--but a stairway to perfect understanding.

You that can feel are truly blessed. You that can see with the eyes of the Spirit are truly blessed. You that can hear with the heart are truly blessed, and when you have finished this days work in the flesh you will know just how blessed you were to have experienced existence from the ground up. Take not this life lying down. Seize every moment and really feel, learn and act from your true self, your divine self.

You are not a victim, subject to life's brutalities, no. You are a participator in the mortal experience, in the cosmic mind, in the growth of our God in Time and in a eternal career leading to our Father. Rise up, my brothers and sisters, allow the darkness to purify you in heart and mind.

Allow the old to fall away. Allow yourselves to be reborn.

I always and will ever go before you. Follow me. Truth brings correction--that may bring discomfort, but love brings healing that goes beyond all boundaries. Know that my love for you is unending and always clearing a path for you. Carry on. Farewell.


I am ABRAHAM. My gratitude to you, Michael, our divine Compass and Brother, who stands by our side. We are ever striving toward your goal and continually recommitting ourselves to the cause.

This week allow what is covered to be uncovered. Be not afraid for the imperfections. Please believe me--all is understood and in favor of your progression. Find time for real gratitude. Focus not on all that is so wrong. Give time to think of all that is right and good. Journal how changing focus changes reality. Allow this purification to begin by cleansing those old wounds, yes. One moment. Are there questions? . . . .

What Do I Have To Do To Clear Out Old Hurt Feelings?

ABRAHAM: Yes. Soil has to be properly nourished for new seeds to take root and grow. When there is this overwhelming turmoil the body systems are disturbed. Mortals tend to pacify symptoms with unhealthy temporary aids.

Diet, for example, is for when the mind is disturbed one can have food cravings that create temporary energy, yet have no nutritional value.

FIVE Things TO DO To Help

1) You must have a nutritional food intake.

2) Exercise. Emotional upheaval tends to release various chemicals in the brain, which can settle in the muscles and create various ailments from arthritis to depression. A dose of exercise during this time is helpful to create movement in all the body's systems.

3)Light. In a discontented mood one tends to stay in darkness, which further adds to depression and hopelessness. All living things need light.

4)Fellowship. Burdens are best borne when at the side of a loving friend. How healing it is to share with an understanding friend who simply listens and challenges you to arise to difficult occasions. How wonderful it is to be reminded of spiritual values by a trusted friend. Said Jesus, "Where two or more are gathered, there also am I."

5) Worship and gratitude. This is always an attitude adjuster. When you can become as a little child in the presence of a loving Parent can break through the toughest exteriors.

Finding things to be grateful for helps to direct your focus to new faith levels. It helps you to believe in the forward momentum of all living things. Nothing really ever stays the same except for a loving, all-knowing, all-powerful, precious Father. You can take an active role in freeing yourself from mortal cloudiness, but know that all wounds take time to heal, and all experience takes time to understand the value therein. . . . .