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MARCH 26, 2001

I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I am in understanding that you each had a full  week of spiritual learning. I must say that to view your interaction  together was touching and inspiring. We receive such great hope when we  witness our mortal brothers and sisters at work for the betterment of the whole. You  are learning the true meaning of spiritual liberty with one another. How  blessed are we that Father should give us each other to learn greater  truths with.

There are some individuals who see spiritual liberty as chaos, possibly  dangerous, as if anything goes, but with the lessons on integrity we  find spiritual liberty to be a natural outworking of evolution. Liberty  taken to extremes of course verges on possible default, but the law of  spiritual liberty tells us the more we understand about it the more we  receive. Spiritual liberty is not license to self-assertion or the doing of  self-will, but the open communion with God that broadens your view and  encourages you Paradiseward.

On the other hand, those bound by traditional religious values see  spiritual liberty as an excuse to carry forth self-willed notions. Many  believe the universe to be harsh and only out to limit who they really  are. Many find that they are imprisoned by their understanding, their  cultural upbringing, their bad luck, and really this is true for them.  They are always in fear of lacking one thing or another. They can always  find some worry to dwell on. They awake each morning with a feeling of  dread and unwanted obligation. How you feel upon meeting the new day is  a good measure of your level of spiritual liberty.

Of course, you each have obligations, but those who self-imprison have  nothing else but obligations. There is not peace or joy. There is not  the enthusiasm or intrigue of daily adventure. They look to God as a  jailer who will see to their just deserts. Those imprisoned in their  narrow cell do not realize the door is unlocked. The more integrity you  have the more spiritual liberty you will receive. The less ego you exert  the more spiritual gifts you will receive. This is not a heavenly bribe,  but just a natural outworking of the universe.

My friends, there is great joy to be had in spiritual liberty. Father  having given us the power to make our own decisions holds so much value.  You understand what it is like to be without choices or liberty to see,  grow and act as you see fit. Father bestows upon us personal power that we might eventually grow to know and find Him. He does not limit our  choices or imprison us with rules, but trusts us to evolve as we will.

To have no choices or liberty is confining and stagnating the soul. To  constantly be imprisoned by worry after worry is slowing spiritual  progress. To feel the freedom of making your own decisions is giving the  soul permission to search, learn and grow as it will. When you are using spiritual liberty you feel not your mistakes to be so crushing, so embarrassing and you need not be so hard on your growing soul.

Spiritual liberty is extending that mortal vision to capturing a  broadened divine view. The joy from this, my friends, is not to be  described adequately. Only by experience can you know the real joy of  this freedom and in the joy you look forward to the day's adventures.  You seek not out every negative thing. You look for Father's daily  works, Father's fingerprints. Life is not so much a test of endurance  but a challenge to be savored.

We often think of the Sons of self-love and pity them for their  narrowness of vision. They had liberty beyond their own understanding,  but they chose the way of self. Their downfall was their limited  patience and their need to always be first and to never be caught short or looking foolish. They  could not release the self so that they could become more. The tighter  they grasped onto themselves the more they really decreased in all ways.

There will be times of confusion for the planet as a whole concerning  spiritual freedom, and you will each have opportunity to temper the  confusion with wisdom, common sense. You will have the option of seeing  your duties as a burden or a challenge. You can crawl through the lowly trenches of the mortal life or you can rise above and walk tall where  the view is clear and the horizon is broadened, yes.

This week, my friends, journal upon rising to greet the new day--how do  you feel? Are you immediately focused on the days obligations? Do you  wake and greet Father with anticipation of the day's adventures? Are you  filled with dread of the new day or excited to participate in it? Ponder your own  self-imprisonment. How would you otherwise feel if you had no worries? What would it feel like to have no daily goals but just spend the day  being in each moment and acting from a standpoint of spiritual liberty?  Journal about what self-assertion means to you and how you can learn to  relax and receive more peace from learning patience.

That is all for this evening. I take my leave, but first I would express  my love and gratitude to all of you. You are most certainly a light on  my eternal path. Until next week, shalom