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FEBRUARY 26, 2001

I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. Each week we meet I am more uplifted and energized by your continual striving to grow. We are each in a state of becoming, and how blessed are we that we have one another to share and expand concepts and ideas. One who is teachable is open to his fellows ideas. He may not agree with the ideas, but he can accept the fact that his fellows are his brothers and sisters in the family of God.

As you progress spiritually you find it your ultimate joy each day to dedicate yourself to the doing of Father's will. What a relief from daily pressure to hold up the day and offer it to Father. It will not always be a struggle but a welcome release from pressures and a clearing of the mind and cleansing of intentions.

Being born of the Spirit makes you a new creature who strives to live according to will of God. You may fall short at times, but certainly you find you cannot return to the old ways. In this commitment there is acceptance of sonship with God. You are not so much losing anything but becoming a new creature and gaining endless possibilities.

Even where I am now I must remember the divine law of acceptance. It is quite easy to defer from Father's way to my own. I find my own understanding to be confining and limited--to where if I am aligning with the universal law of acceptance I am in the ever flowing current of divine information. My understanding, my everyday realities are expanded. So I do not find that this universal law comes with a cost, but certainly do you put self-mastery into practice.

In this area of acceptance I would like to elaborate a bit more on a personal level. We can accept the divine path and Father's perfect plan. We can accept our fellows for their unique personalities. We can accept our present position in life, but so much of this is increasingly more difficult when one is without some degree of self-acceptance.

Father did not coordinate the mortal life so that you would be self-satisfied continually. He designed the overall pattern so that we may always strive and work towards Him. I speak not of self-satisfaction, but self-acceptance. So many regret the past and harbor guilt and are self-loathing. So many cannot accept the fact that they have been but learning children in an ever expanding experiential universe.

There is practically zero tolerance when it comes to our own flaws or shortcomings. With the law of acceptance we can believe even in our mistakes Father has revealed to us the meanings and values, and has never punished us for our misunderstanding like we have punished ourselves. Many mortals continually focus on their negative character aspects while overlooking the personal strides made in their efforts.

As a small child learning to ride a bike a father would run alongside the child helping to steer the bike, and at an appropriate time when the child is ready, the father would release the bike and allow the child to go it alone. Does the father know of the possibilities of the child's wrecking and falling--possibly becoming injured? Yes. Can the father continue to run alongside the child? No. Can the father give instructions and encouragement? Of course. Should the child wreck and appear to fail, would the father punish the child? Of course not. The father continues to guide and help the child to develop their own abilities, comforts the child when failure seem apparent, encourages the child to continue in their efforts.

Father knows you will fall and He stands ready to comfort, guide and encourage. He is not there to punish or ridicule you when you seem to fail. Why would you punish yourself? Can you not accept the fact that you were, are now and will be a learning child of God? You cannot go from infant to adult without the experience in-between. You must accept yourself as a learning child. To self-punish or think that God would bestow upon you bad karma is to block meanings and values in experience.

Everyday negative self-talk is energy depleting; it is spiritual stunting, soulfully abusive. To be so ego-bound that you cannot accept that you have made mistakes is a waste of experiential time that could have been used to discover new meanings and values. There has to be a point in mortal life where you have passed all external aspects of the total person and have a true acceptance of the growing soul that you really are.

Father loves you beyond your own ability to comprehend and accepts you in your becoming. Do not make that mistake of self-bantering and close off new spiritual possibilities and soul growth. Do not be weighed down by the fact that you still have so much to learn, rather be uplifted by the fact that the learning is an adventure that carries you to possibilities far beyond the mortal life.

This week be watchful of self-punishment. Ponder the difference between self-satisfaction and self-acceptance. How would you gain confidence through self-acceptance? What new possibilities might come from this? I understand we have a few questions. Proceed.

CALVIN: Thank you for the lesson Abraham again and the help during the week. Marlin called about Helen. She is on some medication and wants to know if she should increase it, change it or stop it? Do you have any insight for her? She is going to the Doctor to seek further help.

ABRAHAM: That is all I could recommend--that she seek further medical attention. I can only give so much information without a more specific question. I am understanding her to be using other substances that do not allow the other medication to work properly. Much of her medical problems are due to some feelings of unfulfillment, some disturbances of emotion and inability to express herself. My daughter, I do believe you are aware of what underlies your medical issues. If you can honestly look at these emotional disturbances and allow Father to provide you with understanding then perhaps your medication can be decreased or even stopped altogether, yes. Have not worry. You know your answers lie in the spiritual realm, my daughter. That is all. (Thank you.)

SIMON: Abraham, I really enjoyed the Celestial Nights Conference and thank you for visiting. I understand there is a commission present for a few days. I wonder how I can expand and fulfill my commission better? I wonder what other things I might know about interacting with the commission while they are here?

ABRAHAM: I am limited on what I can say on this subject until more of the Teaching Mission has understanding on this, but personally speaking to you Simon, my son, I do see you as a great organizer. You have a rare combination of diplomacy and grace. You love what you do and that means everything. You derive happiness from making others happy and you have inner knowing on how to understand individuals beyond what they present. Well done. Allow time for further unfolding, yes. Another question?

CALVIN: This is for George. He is getting information directed from Melchizedek to him and he feels pretty sure of--a mobilization and organization of the Teaching Mission for certain tasks. Anything you might have to pass forward to him to put on the record?

ABRAHAM: I would only say to you George, my son, to allow time to show forth fruits in the Mission. We understand the overall excitement, but the Mission must be built on a sturdy foundation. Have patience in the unfolding. Machiventa is cautious and desires everyday spirituality to be usable and helpful in mortal living. You are on a good path. Be sure to temper excitement and expectations with patience and allowance for natural unfolding. Overall, my son, you do well. Carry on. One more question?

AZSURAY: Previously Abraham in a message that you gave me to a question about my leadership you mentioned the word 'instigator.' This has been on my mind since then. Could you expand more on what you meant. I hope I am not using it in a negative way.

ABRAHAM: Certainly not, my daughter. Your ability to put ideas into action is a gift. You are for the most part working to glorify our Father, and your love for Him gives you the drive to go forth and do good in His name. Yes, instigator is positive in this case. Have not worry, my daughter Azsuray.

I am coming to a close for I am slipping. I would express to all of you my unending gratitude and love. Your continued dedication to this work is truly inspiring. My love goes with you. Until next week, shalom.